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Established in 1987, JTC PLC is a 1,300 person global professional services business with deep expertise in fund, corporate and private client services.

  • JTC uses Salesforce across it’s network of international offices to create a Single Source of Truth.
  • JTC can accurately track and manage complex intermediately relationships.
  • JTC have been expanding through acquisition and it is significantly quicker to onboard an acquired firm’s staff and data to the Salesforce platform when compared to previous systems.
  • Comnexa worked with JTC to migrate to Salesforce from a legacy CRM solution. This included a complete data migration between the platforms.
  • Salesforce is integrated with JTC’s core data warehouse which allows JTC to both push and pull data in a dynamic fashion.
  • Comnexa’s customer success team works with JTC on an ongoing basis to ensure JTC are taking full advantage of new Salesforce releases and updates.
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For over a decade, our founders had used Salesforce within the businesses they worked at and witnessed first hand the success it can bring to an organisation. Comnexa was founded in 2016 with the ambition to help more businesses harness the power of Salesforce and drive sales, marketing, operational and administrative efficiencies. Today we are driving businesses forwards by putting Salesforce at the centre of their universe, helping them process and analyse key business data from a central source of truth and ultimately operate in a strategic and data driven manner.

We predominantly work with Financial and Professional Services businesses because this is what we know best. A number of our team started their careers in the financial services industry before training in Salesforce and so we understand the challenges faced by businesses and speak their language.

As we’ve grown and developed implementation experience, we have developed accelerators and project methodologies we can guarantee lead to success. Our experiences include working with businesses across several jurisdictions, time zones, and regulatory environments and for whom client data security is their top priority. We believe this means we can offer our clients a unique proposition and an efficient road to success.

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Having considered a switch of CRM system to Salesforce, we wanted a partner that was able to help us manage the process every step of the way, from assisting selecting our Salesforce package, right through to implementation of Salesforce across our global network of offices and the training of staff. Comnexa are not only experts in the Salesforce ecosystem, they really take the time to understand the commercial rationale behind the software and are a pleasure to work with.

David Vieira, Chief Communications Officer, JTC PLC

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