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Salesforce Consulting Partner for Financial Services

We specialise in helping Financial Services businesses to become more efficient and improve customer experience by Winning, Onboarding and Managing clients in Salesforce.

Empowering clients across Financial Services

Wealth & Asset Management

Comnexa provides financial advisors with a holistic view of their clients, enabling greater portfolio optimisation, and transparent client relationship management. Helping to break down silos and improve efficiency.


We provide intuitive and automated insurance solutions that minimise risk and maximise customer satisfaction. Our approach strengthens client relationships and improves advisor productivity while supporting regulatory compliance.


Comnexa helps banks simplify transactions, enhance customer experience, and boost operational efficiency. We deliver an intelligent, shared view of real-time customer data and insights, uniting teams across your organisation.


Comnexa facilitate data-driven lending decisions, streamline loan origination processes, and ensure regulatory compliance. With our solution, lenders can enhance their efficiency, minimise risk, and maximise borrower satisfaction. We empower lenders to maintain transparent and productive client relationships, while also offering advanced portfolio optimisation tools, ultimately transforming the lending landscape.

Offshore Private Wealth & Corporate Services

Originating from the Channel Islands, Comnexa has successfully partnered with numerous offshore fund, trust, and corporate service providers. Utilising Salesforce, we have helped businesses simplify client onboarding, enhance intermediary relationships, and bolster data management, particularly after mergers and acquisitions.


We offer innovative tools that streamline processes, digitalise end-to-end routines, increase productivity, and enhance financial security. Comnexa works with Fintech companies across lending, payments, money transfers, asset management, and more. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating diverse platforms, optimising processes, and consolidating data to streamline your Fintech operations.

Who we work with

Tailored solutions for Financial Services

Comnexa are a recognised leader in Financial Services, with a rich pedigree that enables us to effectively tackle the intricate challenges faced by the sector.

Our expertise comes into play when navigating the landscape marked by intensified regulatory scrutiny, evolving customer expectations, and the emergence of innovative market players.

We empower you to achieve a 360-degree view of every customer in real-time, enabling you to respond promptly to their needs.

Crafting bespoke solutions tailored to the needs of your customers and partners and ultimately the challenges you face – we leverage our rich industry expertise to provide you with unparalleled support.

Common industry challenges we're seeing...

Complex manual customer onboarding
Lengthy and intricate onboarding procedures are prevalent in Financial Services, leading to low conversion rates. Key issues encompass information gathering, document uploading, and digital signature collection, resulting in sluggish, manual processes and diminished customer satisfaction.
Silos and disconnected data
Siloed structures and disconnected data, often due to the involvement of multiple back-office systems, accompany intricate manual onboarding processes. This creates inefficiencies for employees and adversely affects enterprise-level transactions.
Lack of efficiency

The preceding issues converge to culminate in a crucial concern: a notable lack of efficiency. Financial Services demands precision and reliability, where errors or data loss are intolerable. Automation of workflows is pivotal in expediting manual processes, ultimately enhancing productivity.

Enhanced compliance

A prevailing challenge in the industry is the delayed timing of compliance procedures, often conducted after acquiring clients rather than at the initial prospect identification stage. This concept, known as ‘pipeline compliance’, ensures realigning compliance protocols for more proactive and effective risk mitigation.

Consitent process and workflow

The effectiveness of processes often relies solely on the abilities of the individual handling tasks that day. As organisations grow, relying on legacy, grandfathered processes can strain the system, leading to inconsistencies and increased stress on the workflow.

Protect key contacts

Sales professionals frequently guard their contact lists, and when they depart an organisation, these contacts often depart with them. Too often these valuable contacts are held across various spreadsheets that have a tendency to disappear when they do.

Solutions tailored to your needs...

Client onboarding

No longer grapple with protracted and intricate onboarding procedures. Achieve one unified workflow – gathering information, uploading documentation, and collecting digital signatures becomes easy.

360 degree view of your customers

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers by accessing and viewing a wealth of data, including for example their financial records, accounts and household information. In addition you can see any connections, goals, and customer interactions.

Customer portal

All the essentials consolidated within one cohesive platform. This comprehensive hub encompasses everything from contracts and master data to highly sensitive information, ensuring convenient and efficient access for all.

KYC / Compliance

Benefit from robust KYC capabilities and compliance features, ensuring trust and regulatory adherence. Verify customer identities and maintain compliance effortlessly, enhancing security and peace of mind.

Back end integration

In order to facilitate seamless and secure communication with your customers, we establish a direct link between Salesforce and your backend systems. This enables the secure transmission and management of sensitive customer data through protected interfaces.

Replace multiple systems

Designed for scalability and facilitating business growth, our system seamlessly integrates with any API-enabled solution, ensuring that your critical data is effortlessly distributed to where it’s needed most.

Reduced operational risk

Mitigate the risk of cyber crime, communication breakdowns, errors, and compliance lapses, effectively averting the potential hazards that could undermine the stability and security of your business.

Clear processes

Elevate your operations to new heights. Harness the power of automation, well-defined processes, and enhanced transparency for your entire team, making the path to winning, onboarding and managing clients more accessible than ever before.

Quote Mark

Comnexa were an engaged and informative partner, taking their time to understand our requirements. I would thoroughly recommend them as a Salesforce partner.

Tom Lawson, Head of Change, London & Capital

Our cloud recommendations for Financial Services

Sales Cloud

Effortless new customer acquisition with Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is your key to boosting new customer acquisition and sustaining sales growth.

Utilise lead, contact, and opportunity management features in Sales Cloud to close more deals and enhance productivity. Real-time reporting and dashboards enable you to stay on top of your business data from anywhere.

Enhancing customer service efficiency

Provide your customer service representatives with the necessary resources to deliver exceptional and streamlined service.

With Service Cloud, access critical account data instantly. Address claims and inquiries promptly, as all pertinent information is readily accessible.

Financial success made simple with Salesforce's Financial Services Cloud

Elevate your Financial Services with Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud, ensuring your clients receive swift, efficient, and seamless financial solutions. This comprehensive platform offers instant access to essential information, simplifying account management, portfolio optimisation, and more. With real-time insights available at their fingertips, your financial advisors can deliver top-notch service, eliminating tedious paperwork and lost data.

Inspiring marketing through personalisation

Unlock the power of the Marketing Cloud to foster lasting customer connections. Transform customers into devoted fans with tailored marketing that ignites their passion. Earn and maintain your customers’ trust through transparent reporting, accessible from anywhere, and always delivered on time.

Our capabilities span from custom newsletters to personalised product recommendations and engaging social media strategies. Embrace powerful automation features, dynamic content, an intuitive user interface, and unified data management for enhanced operational efficiency.

Harnessing AI's potential

Einstein Analytics offers a platform for unlocking the full capabilities of artificial intelligence, like early trend detection. AI technologies enable intelligent assessment, to gauge customer relationship longevity and churn risk, enhancing retention through tailored actions. Making decisions driven by data has never been more straightforward!

Support your customer service efforts with smart chat bot assistants. Your team only need to step in for more intricate situations, as the technology handles simpler queries on your behalf.

Tailored B2B customer engagement

Unify sales, service, marketing, and IT data within your organisation through a single IT platform. Your clients take precedence as the integrated services and APIs seamlessly link with the CRM. This enables you to create intelligent global interactions, such as webinars.

Utilising Pardot, you can decide when and based on what interactions to dispatch personalised emails. Through email journeys, newsletters and messages are automatically distributed. By linking to your website, you can also pinpoint and assess potential clients in their early stages.

The backbone of modern integration

MuleSoft, often regarded as the API economy maestro, is the linchpin of modern integration, offering a seamless symphony of data, services, and applications. With its Anypoint Platform, it orchestrates the creation and management of APIs, unifying diverse systems across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. MuleSoft’s prowess extends beyond API management; it harmonizes complex ecosystems by connecting data sources and applications, ensuring they operate as a synchronized orchestra. In the age of digital complexity, MuleSoft remains the conductor, transforming the dissonance of disconnected systems into harmonious integration, thereby unlocking the full potential of data and applications for organisations in the digital era.



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