The app I rely on most in my working day is...



It’s the only app you need to monitor every potential and current customer interaction with your brand across every single channel – it removes the need to jump between apps to get the full picture. The great thing about Salesforce is how it integrates everything. The app gives you a 360 degree view of every single one of your customers in one place through secure cloud technology – meaning you can access these valuable insights anywhere, any time, any place. You can see the entire history of your customer’s story with your brand in one view, so you can always pick up where you left off without needing to trawl through myriad email threads. With huge amounts of data being generated every day by billions of devices, businesses not only need to cut through the noise but also actively use this data to make the customer experience better, find leads and ultimately drive up profits. With the immediacy and public nature of social media rapidly shifting customers’ expectations – they now expect to be engaged with on their channel of choice, not yours – it’s also important that businesses take a proactive approach in speaking to their customers whenever and wherever they are. Salesforce lets me do this all and more at the touch of a button. From increasing customer loyalty to successfully proposing leads, Salesforce is an invaluable app for businesses in 2016.

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