Planning your digital strategy using Salesforce's Social Studio


Salesforce’s Social Studio allows businesses to run digital media analysis on any topic they desire. This can be extremely useful for planning digital or PR strategies because businesses can gain a sense of sentiment surrounding trending topics or indeed find out what is being said about their business online and through which specific media channels.

In the image we are showcasing the digital statistics surrounding the topic ‘Paradise Papers’. As a hot topic in our home jurisdiction of Jersey, it is a relevant example of how Social Studio can be used.

The top image shows a word map of the key phrases which are cropping up in several different media sources within media posted from within the Channel Islands, be that news articles or social media posts by individuals. With phrases like ‘tax’, ‘havens’, and ‘avoidance’ amongst the recurring trending phrases, businesses from with the financial services sector can begin to consider the tone of voice for upcoming articles and maybe steer their own media towards highlighting the main strengths of the financial services industry in both Jersey and Guernsey – transparency and regulation.

The graphics in the lower half of the image demonstrate which media is collecting the greatest volume of comments on this topic globally and how this differs on a day to day basis. The graphs show that there was a significant volume of stories surrounding the topic on the 5th, 6th and 7th November, before the number of mentions began to decline. It also shows Twitter was the channel with the greatest volume of related content, by a distance. This might help a business decide where to allocate digital resources, particularly if the topic might draw attention to their particular services. Clicking on each of the media sources within these graphs allows the user to see the latest updates from within each category, therefore helping them spot an influential piece of media very quickly. Businesses can use this intelligence to make data-backed marketing and PR strategic decisions, such as which mediums they need to be communicating through in order to reach they desired audience in differing situations.

Comnexa works with a number of businesses to help them better manage digital media and interpret how what is being said online might affect them.

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