Reflections on a Totally Different Dreamforce (To You)


This time last year, I never thought I would be sat at home on a cold Wednesday night, trying to watch both Dreamforce live from San Francisco and a Government of Jersey Covid-19 live press conference at the same time. 2020 has certainly been a year to remember. While it was disappointing to not be heading to San Francisco to meet with other members of the Salesforce community; following the likes of Apple, Salesforce delivered their refreshed approach to Dreamforce for 2020: Dreamforce to You and I actually think it was the best Dreamforce yet!

Accessible to even more people than ever before, yesterday evening saw Marc Benioff take to the stage to present some exciting updates to the Salesforce platform. The key theme was focused on how to create a Customer360, meaning creating a single source of truth for your whole business and then how that can practically be applied throughout your entire business. Here’s a summary of my key learnings from Dreamforce to You 2020:

‍Einstein Automate

‍Many of our own customers already benefit from workflows that automatically run within Salesforce and save hours of manual work. Whether automatically cleansing new business development data or creating and distributing a management report perfectly on time.

We’re excited to see Salesforce Einstein Automate bringing even more enhancements to automations and process efficiency for our customers!
Salesforce have really focussed on developing Einstein Automate to work for every Salesforce user, not just for IT departments. With little to no knowledge of coding required, businesses can empower their teams to create their own click-and-drag automations.

As businesses grow and scale up, the complexity and variety of their internal processes increases. With different departments and divisions specialising in their own areas. For example, a Credit Control team will be working to safeguard the integrity of the company balance sheet, while Client Onboarding teams are striving for speedy and efficient onboarding with reduced friction. Einstein Automate allows teams and workflows to run smoother and more efficiently than ever before. Whether you’re looking to introduce dynamic approval routing, or incorporate data and decisions from external systems, processes can be easily and visually mapped out and implemented in just a few clicks. This visual from Salesforce does a great job at showcasing just how this can be done.


Trust and transparency have always lay at the core of the Salesforce proposition. Customers are taking increased interest in where and how their vital business data is being stored and processed, and, rightfully so.
For the first time, Salesforce are bringing their services to the public cloud with Salesforce Hyperforce. Hyperforce allows you to better manage your data integrity for your entire business. Reduce your number of datasources and costly data deployments, by introducing Salesforce into the public cloud offering of your choice, all around the world.

For the key sectors we serve at Comnexa, such as Legal and Financial Services, it’s great to see Salesforce working to reduce regulatory and compliance hurdles.

Slack Acquisition

With the move to remote working, Team Comnexa have relied heavily on Slack to keep everyone together and to encourage collaboration (which with remote working is more difficult than before!). The announcement of Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack was not only great news since it’s a tool we already know and love internally. But Slack looks set to fit in perfectly with the Salesforce Customer 360 suite. We have already deeply integrated our own Slack with our own Salesforce CRM, allowing Salesforce to send updates on leads, customer cases and customer activity into Slack channels to keep our team updated in real-time:

We also have Zoom and other systems such as phone systems integrated with our Salesforce CRM and Slack. I can open our CRM and see a true, 360 degree view, of all customer interactions, cases and general client health in 1 click. However, Salesforce have a vision which takes this further and Slack becomes the operating system for a business. When Salesforce demonstrated the power of Einstein Automate, this started to become clear. A key feature was the ability to integrate processes from anywhere into Slack. So for example, approval steps from certain processes can be sent to, and approved, directly by the right team or person right within Slack.

With just 10% of businesses using collaboration tools such as Teams or Slack, there is huge potential to transform the way businesses operate. I am really excited to see how the Salesforce team, led by Brett Taylor (Salesforce COO – former creator of Google Maps & the Facebook like button), will embed the power of Slack into Salesforce. It’s great to have Slack as part of the Salesforce suite of tools.

Service Cloud Workforce Engagement

Finally, welcoming the latest addition to the Salesforce Service Cloud offering, Workforce Engagement.

We’ve helped customers implement Salesforce as a single-platform solution to deliver exceptional Customer Service. With Workforce Engagement helping to close the loop in Customer Service management. This new addition to Service Cloud allows organisations to forecast demand, plan capacity, and encourages agents to take ownership of their performance and development.

This screenshot of Workforce Engagement really captures the potential for businesses to keep agents engaged and performing at their very best.

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