New Salesforce Mobile App


Salesforce launched their first mobile app in 2007 and it was one of the first apps available on Apple devices when the launched the AppStore in 2008. Since the launch, Salesforce have been incredibly focused on mobility and I know many of our customers love using the Salesforce App on the go. Salesforce has various apps available across multiple platforms, including on Apple and Android platforms.

When Salesforce launched Lightning Experience for the desktop in 2015, it was a leap forward in functionality, usability and speed for every user on the platform. Bringing the power of Lightning Experience to mobile is one of the things Salesforce has been working on recently. Apple has been working directly with Salesforce to redesign the Salesforce Mobile app to build the latest Apple iOS features into the app like being able to use Siri shortcuts to get work done faster, using your voice instead of typing, something that’s sometimes awkward to do on a mobile device.

At Comnexa we’ve been using the new mobile applications ourselves over the past week and wanted to share some of the key new features:

  • Major navigational enhancements help users quickly access any record even quicker than before.
  • A new menu has been added to the bottom of the app making it easy for users to access key items and search.
  • If a user customises tabs or menu items then these changes are now reflected in the mobile app.
  • Siri integration with Salesforce. You can, for example, say, “Hey Siri, next sales meeting,” and Siri can interact with Salesforce CRM to tell you who your meeting is with, the name of his or her company, when you last met and what the Einstein opportunity score is to help you predict how likely it is that you could make a sale today (or eventually).
  • Salesforce Admins can edit the user interface of Lightning record pages to fit business needs on mobile. For example, admins can add a map that shows the location of accounts for sales reps in just a few clicks just by dragging in a Lightning Web Component.

The new iOS apps are available now. If you already use Salesforce, you will need to complete some configuration to enable the new app experience. We highly recommend rolling the new apps out to your teams.

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