Comnexa's data marketing trends for 2020


As we approach the end of a successful 2019, the Comnexa team has looked ahead to the data marketing trends we anticipate seeing in 2020. These trends were presented to the Professional Services Marketing Group, Jersey branch, on 28th November 2019.

Comnexa has sponsored the Professional Services Marketing Group sessions in 2019 and they have proved to be excellent thought leadership sessions. We were joined on stage on the 28th by Matt Tabb of Equiom Group, who discussed Equiom’s brand refresh, and Martyn White of Freedom Media Jersey, who showed us how filming on our smartphones can be done professionally and used in our day to day communications. Click here to see our trends.

  1. Insights from voice.
    We expect businesses to begin using aggregated voice data from recorded telephone calls with customers and prospects to not only influence the way they sell when speaking over the phone, but to help recognise key message that should be used in their marketing and PR campaigns.
  2. AI will power even deeper personalisation.
    Use of Artificial Intelligence technology will continue to rise and be used along side what we know about prospects and customers to give them more relevant and personalised communications, including product suggestions. Targeting the correct person, with the correct message, at the correct time will become the expected standard.
  3. Seamless multichannel experiences.
    51% of companies use eight or more channels to communicate with customers, but only 14% of companies report that they are currently coordinating communications across all of these channels. We expect this percentage to rise rapidly in 2020 as businesses harness the ability to get a 360 degree view of the customer’s data.
  4. Data is the currency of business.
    We expect the C-suite to become concerned with how their teams use data in 2020. Tools such as Alteryx, Tableau, and Power BI will become essential is presenting data from multiple marketing sources in a digestible formats for key decision makers to process. Research by McKinsey & Co indicates that data analysis, followed closely by automation and software skills, is deemed the most important skill by marketing teams expecting to hire in 2020, ahead of the more creative skills we have come to expect.
  5. Rise of the B2B influencer.
    The ‘rise of the influencer’ has been a common theme amongst B2C marketing trends lists for a few years now, but we are noticing influencers taking important roles in the B2B space too. It is increasingly become the job of the marketing teams to provide their sales and business development colleagues with collateral for them to share on their own channels to help them build the credibility they need to open the door with new prospects. Using tools such as Introhive, we’re able to use AI to scrape data from our inboxes and other communications channels to determine who from our organisation has the best relationship with somebody at the business we are targeting.
  6. AI-powered image recognition.
    Brand monitoring tools will be able to monitor brands, competitors and products based on image recognition. This will allow teams to aggregate use of their brands key visual collateral, whether planned or unplanned! Measuring the sentiment associated with use of our imagery will become more standard place too as businesses look to response to customer interactions with their brand.

  7. Responsible use of data is already vital, but this will become a customer expectation.
    Trust, privacy and ethical data collection issues will continue to gain more attention, especially as more regions look to copy the EU’s GDPR regulation. Customer are become wise to the misuse of their data and will no longer accept it. It is imperative that organisations collect the correct data from customers, protect it, and only use it in a responsible and consensual manner.

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