Exciting new solutions from Salesforce Labs


Salesforce Labs has released 13 free new solutions that you can now download on the online marketplace for Salesforce apps and components, the Appexchange, where you can find tools and apps to unleash your company’s productivity.

Here is a focus on 5 of the 13 new solutions. But you can find the full list here.

1) Trekkr Employee On-boarding
In typical, innovative fashion, Salesforce Lab managed to gamify their new Trekkr Employee on on-board app creating a culture of continuous learning and development.

The app allows to connect new employees with a mentee and their managers to assign, track and report on-boarding activities. You could personalise your training programs by assigning relevant tasks to your employees. This helps the app, to seamlessly align business goals with the on-boarding and increase the new hire engagement.

2) Gantt Chart
The Gantt chart allows you to manage projects and resources with ease using this Lightning Web Component.

You can view both daily and weekly allocations, drag allocations to expand their time range or see all resources for a specific project.

The Gantt Chart is adaptable and can fit different scenarios such as meeting rooms or basic delivery tracking.

3) Mobile Dashboard List
With this app you can now see all your dashboards listed and navigate to the one you’d like to see instead of the list being limited to the most recently viewed.

4) Companies House Search
You can now add Companies House information to your Account records. This package contains a flow that guides you through your Companies House search for details such as the company number, jurisdiction or address, and stores those details against the account record.

5) Gift Exchange
With the Christmas period fast approaching why not host your own Secret Santa entirely on Salesforce! Increase employee engagement with this fun gift exchange by secretly matching up participants then buying and shipping a present to your assigned giftee.

Bonus: the app even includes a Lightning Component that generates falling snow!

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