Comnexa client gets honourable mention at the ParDreamies awards


The ParDreamies awards is a global event that recognises businesses who find creative and thoughtful methods to reach business goals using the power of the Salesforce Pardot platform.

Many congratulations to our client, Africa Events Limited who received an honourable mention for Driving Business and Investment across the African Continent by using Salesforce and Pardot. Our team has been working with Africa Events Limited over the past few years to implement this technology and we look forward to working together to further evolve the platform in the future.

Africa is a fragmented continent split into 54 economies, each of sub-scale size. Global businesses want to operate in Africa, but deciding who to deal with is complex, time consuming and expensive. Africa Events Limited launched a Salesforce Pardot powered solution in 2021 to meet these challenges. The solution is set to become one of Africa’s most important business tools. Additionally, the team use Salesforce and Pardot to manage the end-to-end organisation of a physical event, AFSIC – Investing in Africa, which has become one of the African continent’s most important investment events.

African Investments Limited developed in partnership with Comnexa a scalable system that will increasingly drive business and investment across the entire African continent by combining matching business requirements in all sectors of Africa’s 54 countries. The team believes they have produced the first pan-African multi-sector, multi-country Pardot Business Opportunities Dashboard solution allowing companies to promote investment and business opportunities not just within Africa, but also as export opportunities to global companies. This is entirely new ground as they are not aware of a competitor doing anything similar. Business opportunities, and their growing network are shown at

Pardot is the company’s main communication tool. They use it to trigger personalised email communications that are sent to 100,000+ of Africa’s most important business executives and investors.

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