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Rapid Response Solutions to Help Companies Navigate COVID-19

Staying connected and responsive to customers, employees, partners, and extended communities is always important, but absolutely vital right now when COVID-19 details are changing by the hour. Being informed with real-time information can help increase safety and wellness, as well as reduce uncertainty during these uncertain times.

Salesforce have launched Salesforce Care with free solutions to help companies in any industry stay connected to stakeholders, even when everyone is working remotely. The Salesforce Care solutions are available immediately, and we are offering Comnexa rapid-start packages to support getting set up very quickly. Throughout April, we are offering discounted rapid-start packages to both new and existing Comnexa customers.

Employee and Customer

  • Salesforce Care for Employee and Customer Support: A pre-configured employee help centre, customer service, and contact centre application for responding to inquiries fast, and keeping customers and employees informed. Einstein Bots, communities, and portals are included, empowering employees and customers to self-serve, and digital engagement tools help agents handle the increasing volume of questions they are receiving across channels like chat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Salesforce Maps provides a built-in data feed with hot spot monitoring where outbreaks have occurred so customers can overlay critical employee and customer data to make fast, accurate decisions. The myTrailhead learning platform empowers companies to quickly deliver digital content and important COVID-19 related information to employees, customers and partners. And by unifying all of these internal and external COVID-19 responses, companies can eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline work.
  • Salesforce Care for Social Community Engagement: Access to Marketing Cloud Social Studio enables companies to monitor COVID-19 conversations relevant to their company, and engage with their extended communities on social channels to ensure they stay informed and connected.

Small Businesses

  • Salesforce Care for Small Business: Salesforce Essentials, the out-of-the-box CRM for small businesses, will be available to support  small business customers’ sales and customer service efforts.
  • Tableau for Salesforce Care: Tableau will enable small businesses to make data-driven decisions with speed regarding their unique business challenges.

Broader Ecosystem

  • Salesforce just launched the AppExchange COVID-19 Resource Center, a dedicated resource to support employee, customer, and community needs during the COVID-19 crisis with applications built by partners and Salesforce Labs, as well as informative content. There are over 30 COVID-19 specific resources already available through the AppExchange.

All Salesforce Care solutions are available free to both customers and non-customers for at least 90 days. After the 90 day free period, companies will have the option to purchase these solutions or discontinue the services. Our Comnexa rapid-start packages are available to both Comnexa customers and non-customers with flexible terms. To learn more about Salesforce Care and Comnexa rapid-start packages, visit get in touch with us.

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